We adhere to high painting standards, ensuring quality workmanship and transparent pricing. Utilizing premium paints, we offer competitive rates with no hidden costs. Our services come with a warranty, and we prioritize customer satisfaction. For detailed information, feel free to inquire about our painting practices, prices, paint selection, workmanship, warranty, and more.

Q: What is a reasonable budget for exterior house painting in Auckland?
A: 1. Prices are indicated alongside our painting work in the gallery. Factors such as house size, conditions, location, and height are all considered.
2. A reasonable budget for an exterior house painting job typically ranges from $4,000 to $12,000, varying based on the complexity of each case.
3. Prioritizing the quality of painting work is essential. Professional and experienced painters, utilizing appropriate materials and techniques, may charge higher rates but deliver longer-lasting results, ultimately saving money in the long term.
4. It is recommended to request a detailed quote outlining progress and techniques for comparison purposes.
Q: Is it sufficient to paint over existing paint?
A: Certainly, but sanding is essential. Our painting preparation options include:
a. Complete process: Old paint stripping, sanding, washing, priming, painting (10%)
b. Partial process: Sanding, washing, partial priming, painting (90%)
c. Simplified process: Washing, painting (for plaster exteriors only)
d. Direct painting: Not recommended, as it skips essential preparation steps.
Q: What are signs of poor quality in a paint job?
A: Indications of a poorly executed paint job include:
Visible stains and flaws throughout the painted surface
Uneven and inconsistent colors, often stemming from a single-coat application
Blotches and streaks resulting from painting on a dirty or damp wall
Q: How can I determine if two coats of paint have been applied adequately?
A. You can gauge the application of two coats based on the quantity of paint used. The Dulux Paint Calculator serves as a useful reference. Typically, 1 liter covers 16m² for one coat, indicating that 1 liter covers 8m² for two coats.
B. We provide samples demonstrating:
1. Unpainted surface,
2. Surface with one coat, and
3. Surface with two coats.
By comparing these samples, you can ensure that two coats have been adequately applied.
Q: What are the most common painting work defects that homeowners may encounter in Auckland?
A. Peeling and Blistering: caused by poor surface preparation; good sanding will fix it.
B. Cracking and Flaking: This can happen when the paint is applied too thickly or when the surface beneath the paint expands or contracts due to temperature changes; The Ultimate solution is old paint stripping.
C. Poor Adhesion: This can occur when the paint is applied to a dirty, greasy, or poorly prepared surface, causing it to peel or flake off; Soft washing after heavy sanding will fix this problem.
Q: How can I determine if it’s time to repaint the exterior of my house?
A. Fading and Chalking: Exposure to UV rays and weather elements can lead to paint fading and chalking, resulting in a dull appearance. Typically, repainting is recommended every 12-15 years due to this natural wear and tear, although it’s not considered a defect.
B. Mildew and Mold Growth: Moisture buildup can cause mildew and mold growth, potentially damaging the paint and impacting indoor air quality.
Q: What are the payment terms for Zeolis Painters?
A: Our payment terms offer flexibility. You can pay 1/3 of the total cost when we commence preparation work. As progress is evident and confidence in our professionalism grows, another 1/3 payment is due. The remaining balance is settled upon satisfactory completion of the painting works.
Q: How can one determine if the paint job consists of one coat or two coats?
A: Our painters’ practice involves retaining samples: 1. Original; 2. Sanded and washed; 3. Primed; 4. One coat; 5. Two coats. Customers can compare these samples to discern whether the house has been painted with two coats. Additionally, another method is to refer to the paint’s coverage specification.
Q: Do you offer color consulting?
A: No, but Dulux offers onsite color consulting at $150+GST per hour (minimum 2 hours) and online consulting for a one-time fee of $89+GST.
We prioritize maintaining transparent and clear communication throughout the process to prevent misunderstandings and differing assumptions. For any further concerns regarding our painting quality or anything related to your house painting, feel free to reach out to us via email.
The State House: 1940-1960, sturdy construction, modest design, and uniform appearance.